Light and light highlight/spec going through walls

I have stationary lights Room A… and Room B should not be able to see light from them at all… But they do miraculously… no idea how to stop it… both lighting and spec highlight are seen… nothing visibile in the reflection capture or reflection view mode. Light has shadows set to be on and stationary.

Did you try to set the following settings to true on the Static Mesh COMPONENT (not the model in the viewer).

why would i need that? I have 2 different wall meshes both facing opposite directions to block out all light. Its not like im relying on backfaces to cast shadows… full front faces are supposedly blocking the light. Yet not.

What is your lightmap resolution? Check out the density. If it’s to low res, then the light can bleed out.

its dence enough with 256 resolution currently on the lightmap for ceiling… and 64 on the one little modular peice. Light shines on both of those.
As for the other side… its overly dence and needs to be lowered at like 512 per 2 meters wall lol.

The last I have to offer to help is the following guide.

@Motanum, I have the same issue, did you resolve this?