Light and camera?

I see couple of us are having trouble with Light not an easy topic.

What I am having trouble is my roof in my scene. Its so dark when I am NOT looking straight at it. if I look straight up at the roof with no lights on the camera its white, if not its gets very dark ? Has this something to do with how the camera adapts with lights…?

Because the roof should be totally white. The walls should also be white but I am guessing its kind of blue/grey because of the Sky_Sphere.?

Any suggestion on how to sort this out ? perhaps I havent set up the light properly? I have 1DirectionalLightStation movable, 1Skylight as fill light if not all is so dark. And then some spotlights.


I assume that walls have the same material as roof. I think it’s a problem of your Ambient Cubemap. Try changing it to different one and increase its intensity. I recommend importing your own HDR map to test lighting. If this didn’t help, try baking your lights or moving roof a bit. Maybe there is some shadow information baked in (even if all of your lights are dynamic).

Ambient cubemap… dont think I am using one unless its by default. Also what I read is that I should use the Sky Light instead of Ambient cubemap to represent sky light. Could it be I need fill light ? but thought the light would bounce enough to light the room…

Anyone knows some good tutorials to light a room, might help.