LiberationTeam[Beta] PlayStation [PS5]

PS5, Open-World,New game-modes I believe have never been introduced!!!

Okay, better now then later! Today I’ll start to look into Epic Online Services!!! Oh Nice Someone is making a Plug-In around the corner. As I plan to sell and upgrade to something serious as PlayStation I need to make sure I’m fully knowledgeable in what I’m using. Time to try and crack it…give it a crack get it lol

dude, love that you’re going on the steamstore, very exciting and probably a good 1st step for game making, instead of jumping into the ps5. I have for the 1st few games its good to say on PC to learn how everything works. I can’t wait to try the game.

Thanks!!! It’s practically finished as far as C++ goes, programs to 3d model in maya is expensive and goes back and forth without proper set-up. Early access because I want people’s feedback and develop what else I need to develop by adding something new. Recently, I added matchmaking since people said the U,I is confusing. After I see where UE4 grant, I’ll be able to rapidly update the the art in this stage also. But I have to redo them since, the program I use is the cheaper version and doesn’t transfer over

totally, multiple programs can be complicated. Happy to see that it’s moving forward! And yeah, 3d models are really expensive, but maybe one big asset pack from the unreal marketplace could help fill out the game.

It seems like EOS is highly important now. I’m going over this and this is now first priority. As for ticketing services and ETC. Seems like an awesome package with stuff I planed to do but not to much on one guy to handle. But to much for a time schedule Thanks alot!!! Since, I’m releasing and planning to sale and this is also in the works I don’t think it’s wise to use the awesome guy who’s making the plug-in.

I broke ground today using the Epic Online services it’s an exciting task because this has taught me a lot about and certain aspect of computer science that’s hard to find on the internet.And set me in the right direction in that path. I was told their was a bug in my matchmaking progress now I’m set out to fix it and I need to refactor “basically placement” some of my code. The glitch is an error with steam and reporting that they will never update but has no problem on the PS4. Hopefully tomorrow if I break the ice with EOS I’ll post an update for now I will refactor my code. The Chairs it should have a laptop on it now. I’m not using the advanced Plug-in so it should be good for people who is.

I believe I broke ground today and I’m very excited and proud to reach this achievement. It means something to me when I was no where in skills and every time I hit a road-block to go back and spends hours on topics I needed to know because I wanted to study to know everything so badly. Hard work pays off! Although, the task wasn’t extreme knowing “Exactly” what’s going on and why is a huge deal to me and when I didn’t was always a fail and a eager task to go study and learn which eventually paid off on a lot of things. I’m kinda tired I’ll do a test tomorrow this wasn’t extreme or big at all. But to be very knowledgeable is so cool!!!

First thing first I’m going to implement the Ticketing system!!! That will be a very awesome concept within the early access system!!! COOLLLLL…Hopefully It goes well tomorrow I’ll see.

Okay, I beyond broke Ground with EOS and it works swell but the plan is to integrate inside a professional manner like the others(steam etc.). I have one player that tell me they aren’t able to run a match in the steam version since I moved the concept to c++ although but if it runs locally on my computer I’m kinda sure it works on steam hopefully theirs just a error in his network or I have to move to just revert back to PS4. Since I only have one computer and it would be a huge hassle to constantly switch over to BP. I’m not going back to BP so it’s only one or the other. or I obtain an proper test environment. Work still continues and I think Actually I know how I may remedy this issue, but the question is what’s next since I’m practically finished with the main portion of the game and to move on to art. Since,small aspects are those as aim which is implemented but I’d rather have real data, and animation which will be tedious then to change when I have an option for better character creation. Other game modes and one player will come when I actually have hardware to complete the task for PS5. Which will be easy to implement the plan now is to think where to start and work on.

Okay, I’m re-positioning myself and a lot of the art area has to do with work art which is on hold until hopefully I reach the grant and just a minor fix here or there. Recently, I decided I should create a single player campaign the first thing I’m going to implement is Artificial intelligence. This concept will be interesting especially since I feel like A.I has dumb-ed down a lot this gen. Literally destiny A.I basically just moved left and right most of the time. So I won’t over run my time and schedule put work on EOS on the weekends. or spare time.

Not having a full test environment isn’t feasible for PC/Steam. Also since I’m a console gamer and my though twas just how cool this was to release for free to everyone, I think I’ll just see this as an sign and release on PS4 only. I don’t have a efficient test environment for P.C I’m an PlayStation person anyway. The PlayStation beta will start the first two weeks of October.

Grenades are back on that took me like 6 hours all in the wrong directions actually a engine glitch. Here’s something for the community if you do the same thing in C++

Epic Glitch
(-Spawn actor with location())=Issue…Remedy=Spawn without location
-Call PRoj. function
-Set actor location within function and launch proj. with same function.

-Result Projectiles won’t work and will be stuck.
fix-Spawn without location

Okay,Okay,Okay! Every core feature and PlayStation feature will be up and running by Sept.1 After that, I’m going to introduce Group Matchmaking using the PlayStation network, goodbye to the bad steam port.

Working on group matchmaking now actually,I coded it in before without knowledge of Unreal way on handling somethings so basically it’s just a refactor nothing biggie hopefully tomorrow. Everything fully tested by the first.

Yesterday,was a very good day!, Before I just worked on everything not knowing some features were available to me,besides me making my own friends list everything turned out to go very well and fit into place, I’m preparing to turn on my dedicated server system now I’m removing all the steam port code and getting things together. Expect a cool tutorial that I originally wanted in the first place!!! Steam port did me some good, because that failure had me fixing an issue I had before.

Now: I’m returning on working on group matchmaking for P2P I have it for Dedicated Server working. It’s been like more then a year so I’m updating to normal with everything else not to much just conform to some things.

“see it says pre beta test lol long time ago”… Now I don’t have to go back and fourth vast majority of systems operational by the 5th, all Playstation features are running as of now

Okay, I don’t think I mentioned it before but I by accident I deleted my Database and Dedicated Server Upgrading to new ssd,but of course the front-end is in tack.I used very primitive methods to get things going with it inside UE4. I still have a older copy of the Database which I just need to test out a bew bugs. But it’s no biggie have everything better and running by the third today for the database. At the time I used a primitive (which was harder kinda a ton of code) method so I could continue working efficiently and I was fine with what was working, so what that out of the way(front-end) the back-end since now I have experience and not working and learning at the same time my clean ups are no sweat this time. I’ll have the database up and running again tonight.

I’m happy to turn this back on dusting some spider webs and making sure things are good,now I’m making sure the Faction mode works,Admin,mods,creation Etc, I created a keyboard also a long time ago. What will you name your faction?

Okay, Dusting off a lot of spider webs because I haven;t touched this in around an year. I know I stopped right here with joining your factions because the thought of cost factored in. But I have a system established on the front end. Therefore, If I receive the fund I’ll be able to make a network when the dedicated server is on You’ll be able to join your Faction friends. With the front end fully complete. In turn, the back end wouldn’t be such a big deal. Next, I make sure things, like add moderator works, and stuff, and stress test the data will be game ready tonight!!! Fake variables and name but when I return wouldn’t be such a big deal and also explore other options around before I go ahead and create an back-end.

Okay, that took more time then expected and was annoying the front-end and back-end of the database is complete. Now, I start testing, Before my accidently deletion I had tested things through and a few bugs in the front-end past just a testing set-up. But!!!, For sure the dedicated server front end is solid shouldn’t take me to long. Now time to clean up and test some more. I’ll work on Error data later for now it working is cool for me.

Okay,Okay,Okay, I like to have this as a live blog of what’s going on and thoughts as I develop, as I suspected dedicated server front-end in pristine, and I finished more then half of the back-end yesterday actually improving and making it 20 times more stable before it was a learning process. I weak save “release version” of it still, so it was okay. That database geez. Any who I say after monday I’ll be stable. As next gen approaches and I see I’m able to focus all my energy on art, the first time I start advertising on major networks. I want to people to be like wow, and have a strong stance in the community and a reputable game development studio. Since, art is all is left and way easier then code, I want to work on that. But one man working on art is only feasible if you have like 3 screens,autodesk programs,And a beefy GPU so you could see and feel everything by running around. No,code errors in art so doing that will be way easier.

Since, I’m not a professional(opening closing getting height right,feel move to ue4 etc, sizing.), I know I could do extremely well with a proper set-up and feel to amaze people and be like =0… When they see the stages and quality. I’m already pro in the 3d-model field except for character creation and sculpting. It’s like okay the closed beta no big deal but If I bring it main-stream I want to come main-stream properly.20 amazing ad some of the most amazing screen-shots scenes etc.