[LFW UNPAID] Raffaele Bratta - Senior game programmer

My name is Raffaele Bratta and I’m the game engine lead programmer at the Vae Victis studio.
This proprietary engine will be used for the upcoming game “Racecraft” and for the future company projects.
I have over 9 years of experience as a programmer, especially in the 3D graphics and VR fields, and I have spent 8 of them developing video games.

As a personal growth, I want to improve my skills learning how to develop games using the Unreal Engine.
To achieve this goal, I don’t just want to follow (boring) tutorials, but I want to develop a simple (read it again: simple) indie game.
For this reason, I’m looking for a small team (e.g. made up of a game designer, a programmer and a 3D artist) to join or to create from scratch.

Since developing this video game will be an off-the-job hobby, I cannot assure a continuous and constant commitment (and I don’t even require it from the other team members).
In a standard week, I can estimate between 6 and 10 hours I’ll be able to dedicate to this project.


Email: []raffaele.bratta at



Scripting and programming languages: Bash, C++, HLSL, Java
Markup and data manipulation languages: JSON, LaTeX, XML
Software development kits: Boost, Coherent UI, FMOD, JDK, JOGL, OGRE, OpenVR, RapidJSON, Scaleform, SDL, SQLite, Steamworks, STL, Substance, TinyXML-2
Tools: CMake, Eclipse, Git, Mercurial, SVN, Visual Studio
Operating systems: Linux, Windows

Work experience

Senior game programmer @ Vae Victis | 9 years
Design and development of the game engine of the video game “Racecraft”.
Programming of the gameplay and the user interface of the video game “Victory: The Age of Racing”.
Development of tools and utilities for modelers and artists.

Intern as 3D graphics programmer @ Physics of the city laboratory | 1 year
Development of the software “Di.V.E.” for the analysis and the real time 3D visualization of the pedestrian simulations generated by “Distrimobs”.

Additional information

  • CET/CEST local time zone
  • Italian and english language only
  • Off-the-job availability only (approximately between 6 and 10 hours per week)


  • Comments, PMs and emails are more than welcome
  • Serious replies only, please
  • People with game development expertise only, please

Currently the simple task im trying to achieve is FPS/TPS arena module for character testing b4 we implement characters into a voxel world which will come later down the line in devlopment.

Very simple stuff generic in my mind but as an artist i need to focus on what i do best.
heres what tutorial ive been doing.

Basic stuff in my mind, Yet i want to focus on the Art Rigging and Animations /particles/impacts/muzzleflash/spells etc. combine 3 things fps tps and melee, Leaderboard etc.

Thanks for your time, i have worked in

Hi Raffaele Bratta/@TaaTT4,

[FONT=Arial Black]RaceCraft looks really impressive. I’ve always wanted to develop a game or two in the Racing genre, because I love them in the Arcades. But at home, I find myself gravitating towards FPS & RPG games…which has influenced my game dev over the years.

Have you work with any Procedural Generation with UE4? If so, what type? I’m also a huge fan of Procedural Generation. I’ve been developing solo, so I rely on it. I’ve been working with UE4 for ~2 years developing modular In-game Construction Apps to include some Proc Generation:

Perhaps what you’re looking for in regards to simple is not a game at all. I’m developing MonstaMASH, A Monster Creation App. MonstaMASH use some semi-proc generation methods to harness UnrealEngine’s Power to create Content. Once the basic editing features are in place, it would be reasonable to add rudimentary AI and Projectile Weapon Mechanics for 1 or 2 demo Game Modes like Mazes n’ Monsters & Labryinth Escape.

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