[LFW] C++, Blueprints, VR, Network...

With nearly 15 years of coding behind me, a scientific background and countless hours tinkering with new technologies, I am up for nearly any technical challenge.
I am mostly interested in the game development scene but will consider apps as well.

Relevant Skills:

  • Programming (C++, JS, TS, Golang…)
  • Blueprint Scripting
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality
  • AI
  • Multiplayer
  • Brain Computer Interface
  • Management/Leadership

Relevant Work/Projects:

  • Lead Developer at OvationVR - Website
  • Senior Developer at 1047Games - Website
  • Dynamic Cover Generator and GOAP AI in UE4 - Video - Forum - Github
  • Java integration in UE4 - Forum - Github
  • Heart rate monitoring in Virtual Reality
  • Gesture recognition in Virtual Reality - Video - Forum - Github
  • Physics-based dynamic model of the tire-road interaction for car simulators

You can contact me by email at [EMAIL=“mickael@fenixo.com”]mickael@fenixo.com
Please include a description of the project/game.

Additional Information:

  • Strong preference for VR related applications and games
  • Remote or Berlin (DE) only
  • Fulltime or freelancing
  • Speaks English and French

Comments welcome!
Serious replies only, please.

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Finally back at the desk.
I will start checking the proposals sent during the holidays and will come back to you all by Monday.

Happy new year to everyone, keep it unreal!

Bump :slight_smile:
Hope everybody is safe these days.

I sent you an email :smiley:

Not gonna be available for the next couple of years!

Aw that’s a bummer I was going to send you a message, hope your projects go well!