Level switching To and Fro upon Key press


Try using the “Execute Console Command” node instead, and type “ServerTravel level_name”.

I have 2 separate levels (persistent) : level1 and level2

I want to switch between these levels upon pressing a key (say , F).

I managed to change the level upon pressing key on the server side but not on client side. that means , my level change is replicated to Client for the first time only , but not on second key press.

How can I make connections in BP such that whenever I press Key from Level1 , it switches to Level2 for both server and client and if I press it again , It switches back to Level1 for Server as well as Client.

Not necessarily a Key is required , any other method which I can control in realtime can be used.


ServerTravel not working in 4.16

in this blueprint, i replace the node “switch to level” by “open level”, and it’s work.
i use the same node graph in level1 level2
hope it can help you!