level streaming + static lighting

hi all,

i’m working as archviz on an interior scene including several rooms. Every lights and meshes are static. I wonder if level streaming approach allows to build lighting separately for each room - as separate levels, then merge them into a persistent level ?


Yes, you can have separate levels with baked lighting and stream them in to the same level

well, the attached picture shows how i’d like to split my scene.
what about the shadows from the balcony (green area) cast by the sun into the living room (yellow area) ? I guess they won’t appear if I build these two aeras separately…how do shadows interact with each others among the different rooms ?

If all levels are visible at build time, then the light will interact between them.

Though I must ask, why are splitting the rooms up as separate streaming levels?

i suppose it’s faster to render several small pieces separately than render a big one, (and then merge these small pieces where light is already baked into a single level to achieve my video sequences)

and if the client ask for a modification in bathroom (for example), it would be way more convenient to rebuild the concerned area than the entire appartement

but there is something i don’t get in the workflow ^^ …

I think that might be overcomplicating things, I’d look into VXGI: NVIDIA GameWorks Integration - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums
It’s not quite as good as baked lighting, but it would look pretty good and be fully dynamic