Level Streaming Portals?

Hey all, hope you’re all well. I’m interested in seeing if it’s possible to utilize level streaming to create a “portal” that you can walk through into another level, while being able to see through the portal from each side. I imagined it being something like a scene capture mimicking the player camera motions relative to the gateway object, and writing to a render target that’s displayed on a plane in the “doorway” of the portal, so to speak. I’m not sure if something like this is possible, but if it is and anyone is feeling generous, could you walk me through it? I have a basic understanding of level streaming and I’ve seen that people have made it so they can see objects from a different sub-level through the view-vector of a level streaming volume, seemingly from outside the volume. How is this performed? Could it be extended to occlude light types, landscapes, foliage etc? My overall goal is to have different levels with landscape “focal points” that are consistent heights/slopes where gateways would be placed, allowing for smooth passage between those areas, giving off the illusion that you’re travelling a great distance simply by stepping through a door. A great example of this mechanic was in the trailer for Boundless, where someone walks through a gateway/portal from inside a cave out to a surface landscape:

Havent tried this, but I guess if you set up a collision volume and trigger the level streaming via blueprints, it should work…

I was conducting experiments with a similar idea. Referenced several youtubes to achieve the results below:

I could possibly share some blueprints, if you want to discuss further on discord.

I was trying to get same effect but with ARKit… so far the results are not quite good :frowning: