Level Streaming makes Zero difference to FPS??

So I’m confused. I just split my level into two major chunks and set them up to stream in and out in hopes to increase performance of my game. The level takes place in an apartment building where you spawn outside and then move inside so I have it unloading all of the background elements (365,581 tris) when you walk inside the building. I hit PIE and turned on Stat FPS and literally there is zero benefit to unloading the background scenery. Is UE4’s occlusion really that good? I would have at least expected to see a slight bump in frame rate but nothing changed. Maybe the PIE fps count is inaccurate?

So confused.

(Yes, I’ve made sure that the outside area IS unloading correctly)

I’m not sure but the engine should actually just calculate only the tris and draw calls you see in your filed of view, so going into a building with closed walls should actually cut off all the tris and draw calls you can’t see.
At least you should notice that your VRAM usage goes down, since the textures on the oudside are no longer loaded into your VRAM when using level streaming.

I never tried level streaming so im only guessing here :wink:

Well in my particluar case, I’m not really using textures, just materials with color tones. But you’d still imagine that the level streaming would have some affect on the frame rate otherwise why even have it?

It depends on what the current performance bottle neck is, with game engines, there’s lots of different things that could be hurting your performance. You’ll have to use the GPU profiler to know for sure.

Like i wrote before i can just guess… Level streaming gives you the benefit of clearing your vram and memory ram for areas/objects you dont need right now when playing.
It’s not like it gives you a huge performnace boost in small levels with like a few draw calls and tris.

The only interesting site for me on level streaming could be to dump my VRAM, tris and draw calls could be only interesting for really really huge worlds.

My frame rate isn’t really hurting… its near 50fps all the time. I just thought dropping the geometry would have made more of a difference but as you say if the occlusion is already good then I guess its already dropped everything it can.

Ahh well, makes it easier for me to build the levels :stuck_out_tongue:

You know what? For me this is great because I thought that when you load a level you momentarily have a drop in performance because of the loading and unloading process, a bad belief busted :smiley: