Level Streaming Help

Hey all been trying to work on my world some more as I’ve been neglecting that side of my game for a while now. I’m trying to do a random level generation with level streaming and running into some troubles.

I followed a couple tutorials:

Video 1

Video 2

Don’t expect anyone to sit through them all but can get a basic look at the code. And here is mine.

Honestly there is an absolute fuckton of ■■■■ I still need to do with this. So I’d appreciate any help with this as there are almost no tuts on this at all.

Basically it’s spawning the levels in a square every time(NxN) since every level that can be streamed is a tile of the same size. But I’m wondering if it’s possible to be able to make it do random shapes of N amount of tiles.

So say a square that is 25x25 or a circle diameter of 10 tiles etc, etc. I though of maybe somehow having sub-sub levels so the world would pregen “N” amount of areas and then each one would have “N” amount of tiles but I really don’t know how I would accomplish this.

Somehow have it randomly make up area shapes, populate them with tiles and the load/unload when players get closer. Seems simple enough but I’m ■■■■■■■ way outta my league here.

I’m sure with enough time and youtube/ue4 answer hub tuts I could figure it out on my own as I’ve been able to with most other issues with my game but every now and then I get really stuck and this seems to be the case rn.

I’m doing this all with bps cause I suck at the words coding. Engine 4.21 cause 4.22 is way buggy

I ovb. don’t expect people to just straight up tell me how to do this ■■■■ or make a code for me just anyone that can point me into the right direction with these problems I have would be great as this procedural stuff seems quite advanced for me and the internet has like 3-4 good tuts on it.

Any help appreciated.

Edit: Open to world composition as well but there seems to be even less tutorials on that but if anyone knows enough to help that should work for my purposes I just like that with level streaming I can customize the world more.

Or if someone could tell me how to do sub sub levels like persistent level < two children levels < each one has their own group of sub, sub levels that are streamed in < have space between fill with water or whatever. But like been stuck on this for months so if anyone can just take the time out of the day to pls help even a little…?

Again any help appreciated.