Level Streaming by persistent level and GRID

Hi, I would like to achieve a very certain scenario, I want to split my game world into gigantic map pieces, I want to create each map 1 by 1, and have them aligned on a grid in the world as 64x64.
I am a previous unreal 2 developer and achieved this by myself using C++ back then.

Let’s say level 1 is 0,0 on the grid, level 2 is 0,1 level 3, 0,2
so on and so forth.
I wish to stream each map piece,
Now, I totally understand how level streaming works in unreal 4, the scenario i want to replicate is in my attached image.
I want my pawn / character to trigger a load of areas in a grid around me.
If my character moves to the next “map” piece, the map pieces two squares away from me will disappear, and so the map pieces 2 squares infront of me will appear, I will disguise this with a distance fog.

I just really want to know if it’s possible with blueprints only?
Can i stream persistent worlds at all? e.g, unload and load them? I want multiple level files, I don’t want for example one gigantic world, i want grid pieces. for example, i want to just open my level and edit only 0,1 without even looking at 0,0 or 0,2.

Or should i convert my project to a c++ project and code it myself?


  • Scott


What you want is built in, it’s called World Composition.

Here’s the documentation for it: World Composition User Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

Wow, thank you! I had no idea this was actually built in, this makes is much easier than ever before, It’s great to know I can create several separate level files with different environmental settings and just piece them together in a grid,
much appreciated! Saves a lot of hassle, i really didn’t want to use one persistent world and just have level layers,
I wanted to have multiple “persistent worlds” because i want to eventually split the level files from eachother and encrypt them. And load them into the client for streaming! or “composition”

Thanks again!

UE4 caters to all our wildest dreams :slight_smile: