Level Streaming Breaks World Position Offset Material

I have a fire material that uses the world position offset node to displace vertices.

It works fine on any map without level streaming. However, when I open a LARGE map that uses level streaming, the material seems to blow up as soon as I move my character in any way whatsoever. See gif below:


My first guess is this might have to do with some floating point precision issue with a large map being in use. As you can see, my map is about 14km x 14km (so well within UE4’s 20km x 20km limit).


I confirmed this may have to do with floating point precision because when I fly my character above a certain altitude, the material works as expected:

Here’s a look at my material graph:

Has anyone encountered this issue before? And more importantly, does somebody have a solution?


First of all that looks like a feature not a bug, second it can be because of World Origin Location with some times creates problems on huge maps but I am not sure if this is the case here.