Level streaming and Networking


I was looking i remember some time back a person say’d it was not possibe to use level steaming and netowrking games tohater.
for huge open world games, adn is the limit for landscape sizes sitll 20KM x 20KM or do i still get physics problems?

I could be wrong but I think World Composition was updated so it does now work in multiplayer, so you can stitch together multiple large terrains with streaming in order to do what you need.

Level streaming loads/unload assets from memory. It includes players. So you shouldn’t do that. But using world composition without world origin rebasing may can work if you can optimize system load. However I’m not sure if something changed with new versions.

Okay but if you put players it on present world(i beleve) thay wony bee unloaded just the terain.
and is it still 20KM x 20KM max