Level stream within level stream?

Hello Community!

I have a question if this is possible: Say I have a chapter one that has each room level streamed. However I want to have a chapter two that level streams levels and I want to combine these levels with a Master level that streams these levels. Kind of like below

---------MASTER LEVEL EXAMPLE----------



----------EXAMPLE CHAPTER ONE------------------



Is this sort of thing possible with UE4?

You can only have 1 persistent level, but you can also have multiple streaming level at any given time. So I suggest you create 1 empty level that act as persistent level, then load chapter one level, keep it there and load level 1/ level 2 streaming level.
Another option is non-streaming level, you can create chapter 1 and chapter 2 level as persistent, then load streaming level depend on current persistent level, then switch between them with open level blueprint node. Note that this option is not streaming so you will get black screen when switch between persistent levels.