Level specific world origin for open worlds,

Ok it’s not so much feature request, but I’d like to know if this solution would viable.

Currently we have origin shifting, which essentially rebase origin to new location as player moves around the world. This solution is perfect for single player games,
and complety useless for multiplayer games, where gameplay data exist mainly on server, and even if clients would have enough accuracy, server would not.
Theoretically you could implement origin shifting on server, but you would need translation layer which would translate server coordinates to each client local coordinates, which is less than optimal slution imo.

The other solution i could think of is celled/clustered world, where each streaming level have it’s own coodinate system with origin centered in middle of streaming level.
In this case, origin would not be shifted to as player moves, but player would be moved from one world cell to another, with it’s own coordinates and origin, as he moves around the world.

This solution would work on both server and client seamlessly as both of them would see world in the same way and there would not be needed any translation layer.

My question is why the origin shifting was chosen instead of separate origin points per level ? (aside from the fact that origin shifting is probably easier to implement).