Level Opening Differently From Different Levels

I am working on a blueprint only game where the main level can be opened by two other levels(the main menu and the re spawn screen). when I open it from the menu, everything is fine but, when I open it from the re spawn screen it replaces my player character with another pawn. It used to work fine from the re spawn screen until I added the menu. I use the open level node bound to a widget button to open levels. I have all my pawns set to auto posses player except for the ai of course. The guy in the background is an ai who has also stopped working since I added the menu. He just used the move to node. How can I get this level working every time? Thanks! This is a video showing me opening the level from the menu and the re spawn screen: Dropbox - File Deleted

Are both levels using the same game mode?

No, I made a game mode for each and set the default pawn to the character in the main level. I probably didn’t need to do that since I have it set to auto posses though.

I found the solution. At some point to test a change I duplicated my level but I forgot to delete the clone, so I was accidentally launching that level.