[Level Editor] Lock actors so that clicking does not select them

Hello! I am working on a top down game and an issue that I have is that when working from a top view I frequently accidentally select the floor. I think it would be nice if I could at least lock the floor mesh so that I can’t select it anymore. Probably as an editor setting or something of the like.


Somewhat related:

I’d like to have 2 settings:

Freezing Actors:
It is not possible to select or edit the Actor. It can be unfreezed by the world outliner.
When you select a Freezed Actor (e.g. by multiselect in the Outliner) Manipulating values won’t affect them.
For example you have a blueprint where you exposed a float so you can change it in the editor.

You place three actors of the same BP in the world but one of them is freezed.
You can change the float of the selected Actors, but the float of the freezed actor stays unchanged.
(maybe just make in unavailable to select them at all lol)

Locking Actors:
You may select the Actor, but you are unable to move it around.


I second all of that


Locking actors as @Raildex_ describes is available in the engine currently. Right-click an object > Transform > check box for “Lock Actor Movement”. That should allow it to be selected if you need to, but not moved.

The other request is here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-21803)


Is there a public issue for this request? Have also been wanting this for a long time. I’m forever accidentally selecting things and manipulating things (often without knowing it).

Especially when it comes to piloting cameras… I always pilot a camera so I can work within it’s exact view (including FOV), and then forget I’m piloting and move the camera miles away. You can lock movement but you can’t lock rotation. And you can’t undo changes made with piloting (which is perhaps something different that could be addressed).


Bumping this for exposure… YES to having the ability to Freeze (ignore selection… handy when doing drag-select boxes).

Also, how the heck am I supposed to know if an object is LOCKED? The only indication is a grayed out Transform box in the Details window (there’s also no way to unlock/lock items through the Details window).

There’s also no visual indication (and filter) in the World Outliner to see what’s locked in a scene filled with 100s of objects.

Bumping again, this is a pretty bad pain point that I’m guessing many have just gotten used to. As a new user coming from other 3d packages (Maya, Max, MotionBuilder, etc.) I’m surprised this functionality isn’t standard.

Would also like to see drag-box selection be more refined. If I’m in wireframe mode, I don’t expect to grab anything I can’t see my box going around. i.e. If I’m selecting in the top view a single line of a box wireframe (say a wall), and I’m avoiding dragging across any of the floor’s lines, then the floor shouldn’t be selected. Again, please see Autodesk standards for this. It’s an artist-centric standard, but it’s even standard in the proprietary game editor’s I’ve used in my career.

Thanks for the consideration!


I’ll toss a bump on here. The currently implemented feature in the editor for locking location is nice but a “freeze” or some other way to prevent something from being selected would be very useful
as well.

Very useful for complex levels and when multiple people working in the level. Locking movement is nice but preventing selection would be even nicer. :cool:

The only workaround I found is to make the material translucent for the duration of your work and then press T to toggle translucent selection.
But C-mon there is a request that is 3 yo

Is this really that hard. Hmmmmmmmmmm


Bumping this again. This is already available in other game engines and almost every 3D modeling tool, and it’s a shame that this isn’t a possibility in unreal :frowning:


Another bump. Locking the transform for an actor is useless because if it happens to get selected when you’re dragging a selection box, then EVERY actor becomes unmoveable rather than just ignoring movement for that particular actor. We need a Lock SELECTION option Epic!

I would also like to see this feature added. It’s quite useful in other tools I’ve used and almost instantly missed when I started using Unreal’s editor.

Bumpy bump!

Yeah this is much needed, please implement this!

I keep selecting my skybox by accident. Just going to hide it for now and bring it back.

I would love a feature like this, already present in most 3D packages, so as artists we are already used to that.

this is a good visual example
I cant select a text so prevent actor from being selected is super mast have feature!

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Oh my god why isn’t this a thing. Freezing actors, especially landscapes, would make my life so much less painfull.


Bump - please fix the lock actor or add a freeze so pieces don’t get nudged.


Bump - This is such an important feature. I am surprised that UE 4.23 does not have it!