Level Design

Then just convert one of them to a static mesh and replace the bsp with the meshes or you just select all brushes and then you convert it to a static mesh -> then you will have one single big mesh

Ok, I have tested the map:

  1. somehow I dont get those shining lines -> where exactly are they appearing?
  2. as mentioned above you can solve the problem (black static mesh after you have converted a bsp) with a 2nd uv channel + lightmap which you create in a 3d program:

Here you can download the edited map: https://drive.google/file/d/0Bx4rUIObSdNYWV9kZ1BOMHlEQUE/edit?usp=sharing

the shining lines appear at the bottom of every bsp

Have you already opened the map that I have uploaded? Are there still those lines? (because in my case I dont get them ^^)

I’m about to, and I’ll let you know :wink:

Only time I’ve seen this happen is with very thin (sub 20 units) walls with a directional light on them. Try thickening them up a little?

they are 500x500 blocks
or are walls something different?

also do I just need to replace my originals with the files from you because right now I"m just getting an .ini error from it

Just rename my map and place it into your content folder. All other assets, except of one static mesh (I have converted a bsp to a static mesh to try out the problem with the black mesh -> solution was a 2nd uv channel made with a 3d program) should be the same

okay I got your level open, there’s no glow on the untextured bsps but when i add my material the glow comes back, the glow on mine is also only visible at certain angles and from certain distances which is weird :S

Hmm, then it’s because of your material -> could you probably just send me a pic from the material, because I have your mat but I dont know which textures you have used for it :wink:

Sure, here’s the .dds I use https://drive.google/file/d/0B6Zh6pg-FoD_RFpiMHFrSmt2YXM/edit?usp=sharing

The light at the bottom is either too thin of walls, or it’s not even snapped to the floor.

If that’s not the case and it’s the actual texture, you probably have a transparent border. As an example, if your texture is 1024x1024 but the entire thing might be 1024x1028. So you might just have a 4 pixel line at the bottom of your texture

Somehow I dont get those glowing seams :confused: -> delete the 2nd texture which is connected to the world position, probably there is the problem

I have two textures?

LocknLoad is there a way to fix that, I"ve noticed that happens with lots of stuff I make in photoshop and I have no idea how to get rid of it.

You have two texture nodes in the material editor - one is connected with base colour and the other one with normal/world position offset/… Now just delete the 2nd one (normal/world position,…) and see if you get rid of those light seams

The world offset is what was messing it up! I don’t even know why I had that connected . I should probably stop working at 4am XD

so now that that is fixed, when I go to turn them into meshes how do I go about that, do I have to do it one at a time or can I convert one and then replace all the others with it or something? I don’t wanna have to go make a uv lightmap for every cube I used

looks like part of the problems I had also came from my skylight casting shadows

:stuck_out_tongue: A world position moves the texture

Just select all bsp brushes and convert them to a static mesh -> then export it and create the lightmap

So when I select multiple ones and convert it, it makes it one huge static mesh that i can then create one lightmap for? just wanna make sure i’m understanding correctly!

also thank you guys for all your help :slight_smile:

Yep, that should work

Thanks :slight_smile: just another quick question! You said I could turn subtractive brushes into meshes as well is there anything special required for that since they are essentially invisible bsps?