Level Design

I was just wondering if someone could help me or point me to some tutorials for level design, every time I think I’ve figured out what I’m doing I seem to hit a wall and have to start over.

The levels I’m currently working on are very basic so I assumed I could just use bsp, but then I started getting lighting errors. I was told to convert them to mesh so I did and now they are all black. So now I have to export them and create lightmaps? Do I have to do that for every bsp I convert…I also tried just building the mesh in 3ds with multiple materials so I could texture it as if it were a bsp but then my textures aren’t scaled correctly and I can’t find a way to scale textures on a mesh so I just keep going in circles and nothing is getting done :(.

Until now I’ve just used Source’s Hammer Editor so I was just used to building everything with bsps which apparently isn’t the way to use Unreal?

Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Take a look at the level design tutorials from epic games: ?v=I8WBF4AyAX4&list=PLZlv_N0_O1gaCL2XjKluO7N2Pmmw9pvhE

Normally you dont have to convert a bps to a mesh, but when you do it, you just have to make sure that the lightmap resolution from the mesh isn’t 0 and when there are still some errors, you will have to create/generate a 2nd uv channel (?v=z5yc-bKbHyc). Also make sure that you add a skylight into your level so that the shadows aren’t so dark anymore

And of course when you have some special problems you can just ask your question in the forum :wink:

Yeah I went through that whole tutorial I didn’t have any problems then, but now on my map I’m getting a weird leak or glow from the bottom of my bsps :frowning:

do I need skylights in each part of the level or just one somewhere in the level?

A skylight will cover your whole level with a light -> so you just have to place it into the level

I also need a few parts of the environment to move which i guess means they should be meshes so I can use them in blueprint right? :S also any idea what would cause glowing under my bsps :frowning: they are snapped to the floor so it shouldn’t be light leaking under them

1: yes, then they have to be meshes + their mobility should be set to moveable
2: could you probably post a picture + infos about your lightsetup (e.g you have a dominant directional light, skylight,… in your level)

Sure here it is as a bsp

and here’s what happened when I converted it to a mesh and had the editor generate a uv

making it a mesh got rid of the glow error but game me other errors as you can see

If I need them to be meshes to move I might as well make them all meshes I guess If i have to go through the trouble of getting one working :S?

I also did not get that glow error originally the map was fine so i’m not sure why it just started happening?

-Place a point light near that black mesh and see what happens.
-is it also black when you dont create a 2nd uv channel with UE4?
-export it and create a 2nd uv channel in a 3d program -> reimport it and see what happens (when you upload the mesh I can do that very quickly for you ;))

To solve the problem with the glowing -> have you already set the lightmap resolution from the bps to a higher value?

-putting a point light doesn’t do anything it looks fine until i build the lighting though, after it’s solid black, you can still see the material it’s just black
-the bsp lightmap resolution is 32
-that is from after i created the uv channel, and placed a skylight I believe
-does it batter if i export as a fbx or ojb?

I’ve also noticed in my map it takes forever to do anything, if I move an object or anything it takes the editor 20-30 seconds to move it sometimes.

Increase the lightmap resolution from your BSP to e.g:


When I should create a 2nd uv channel I would prefere .obj, but otherwise you can use just one of them

can I have additive and subtracting meshes or is that only possible with bsps?

EDIT also your tutorials are awesome I’ve been using them a bit :slight_smile:

That’s just possible with bsp brushes

okay then I’ll just have to have two versions of this object, one for the bsps for the main layout and such and then the mesh for the moving sections I guess. I’m trying a skylight to see if it helps at all it’s building lighting now it takes forever :l
also raising the lightmap on the bsp didn’t do anything its 128 now

I would recommend you to just either use a bps or a static mesh, otherwise you will have a little mess :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, could you just upload your map with the assets somewhere, then I can try to solve your problems?

um sure I’ll upload it, also adding a skylight turned all my bsps black
and if i need to use on or the other I’m not sure because I need them for different reasons I have some areas the subtractive bsps will be very helpful but other areas I need meshes so I can move them

Just create the level with the bps brushes (additiv + subtractive) -> because you can also convert subtractive brushes to static meshes, you just have to select the substract + the additiv part and then go to convert to static mesh

So I need to create it from bsps and then just convert part of it to mesh or all of it to mesh?

There are different ways:

  1. everything is a BSP brush (not recommended)
  2. everything is a static mesh -> converted from a BSP brush
  3. make a mixture -> one part BSP another part with static mesh
  4. everything is a static mesh made in a 3d program

“BSPs are a great tool for blocking out a level, but it is not recommended that they be used in a final product. You will also find static meshes easier to manipulate with blueprints. I hope that this clarifies.”

If I use the same bsp several times when I make it a mesh is there a way to replace all the others or do I have to manually turn each one into a mesh?

also here’s a link to the level if you want to look at it https://drive.google/file/d/0B6Zh6pg-FoD_QVRkTEZrTnhHZEU/edit?usp=sharing approx 13mb

I think I put everything with it :S let me know if I forgot something :slight_smile:

I may just have to start the level over

Ok, I will take a look at it :wink: