Level Design Tutorials

Hi Folks,

First time posting here. I say I have spent hours upon hours on Udemy, browsing documentation etc in terms of Blueprints, Coding etc. I have the fundamentals down now and I am looking to move into Level Design.

This is probably the weakest area. I have watched Unreal’s basic level design with the office etc. and what I am looking for I suppose is a workflow process. Where do I start when it comes to planning my level. What is Step 1 etc and I get people have their own way but I am looking for something to point me in the right direction.

I fully appreciate this has probably been asked here already given the amount of pages but I looked and couldn’t find a definitive post. Any links to any YouTube or Unreal talks or a paid course is fine, as long as I learn something new that is great.

Appreciate the help!

I see nobody is picking this up, probably because level design and workflow is a process particular to each developer.

I’d say one of the best ways to learn about level design is to copy levels from games you already admire. How close can you get?

What in particular are you looking for? How to come up with ideas, or how to flesh out a vague idea you have or…?

Its easy to find Unreal tutorials on YouTube. Start by searching for ‘speed level design’ and go from there… But motivation matters a lot, so what are you doing this for or what’s the goal? For example, the techniques needed to create a Sci-Fi / Cyberpunk shooter are usually very different to a medieval / fantasy RPG. One needs heavy landscape / foliage / water work, whereas the other needs flying cars, futuristic skyscrapers / rundown urban hoods and neon everywhere.

Copying your favorite game is a really good idea and also a really bad idea. Its usually good practice to try anyway, as it might even help you land a job. But it could also stranglehold you permanently, and you end up stuck in a particular genre, always copying your favorite game(s). So if you want to make Indie games and push boundaries, its better to never follow the herd. So the golden rule of art is, learn the form, then throw it away (dump it) and create your own style. :wink:

level-design dot org

That is really good advice. Thank you for that and yes I suppose my questions was soooo broad in terms of what do I do? To be honest I am going for an MVP just get prototyping done and get used to various aspects and its a dungeon / castle outdoor setting so you probably hit the nail on the head there!

So you recommend watching the speed designs and just make note of key points? That is a good idea. Sometimes I find myself going “Wait what was that???!!!” and rewinding back!

You mean look look at reference images and go from there? That is a good starting point actually, a lot of my favourite games are so old school now but I get what you mean! Just get a scene and see what I can do?

Correct :slight_smile:

This is probably a shot in the dark here but if you were to pick an image from a game for a beginner to start off with, would you have something that when you look at it you think “This is a good starting point?”