Level brighter after rebuilding lighting

I have a level that I want to be completely black other than the point lights I am adding in. It was looking nice and then I rebuilt my lighting, now the level is much brighter even if I remove the point lights… The point lights are the only source of light in my map, I deleted the directional light and even the skybox. I made the environment color black. Can anyone help me out? Also there are random squares and rectangles on walls and the floor that are bright compared to everything else.

Lightmass will bounce lighting, so when you rebuild the lighting your lights will have those bounces which can illuminate other areas of the map. Also, if you make changes to the lighting you need to rebuild the lighting to see what it does.

If you see dots of light in places, that’s due to bleeding which could be caused by several different things like bad lightmap UV’s, low resolution lightmaps, or mesh surfaces that extend beyond corners to where they receive illumination from the outside.

Hmm, looks like it’s back to the drawing board. I think I need to learn more about light maps in order to figure this one out.