Lets make Lightmass EPIC (and understandable)

Yea but if they don’t implement lightmaps baking, it’s useless… it’s just an offline renderer inside a game editor. Might save the trouble of using 2 different software to make stills and movies but it won’t allow us to make more realistic playable scenes.

Life without lightmass is really poor :smiley:

Hi guys ! Please help in my test. Why can you see the standart material in reflection, not chromium ? How to invisible DirectionalLight in reflection ? 9732979a4545bb150ae737fdbf88559ad692c1b0.jpeg5f591cf3e047d7ba9d74aa761ac37f12fc2b6596.jpeg


*Custom baking engine to bypass lightmass.

The UV-less line is more interesting than bypassing lightmass (IMO).

what ZacD?

Yea ‘‘potential’’ ‘‘future’’ … Hopefully they are making it a priority though! hehe.

Which parameters influenced significantly by multi bounce skylight method? I increased NumHemisphereSamples to 128 in a scene and the building time soared from 1 hour to never ending (got 6 Sky lighting bounce for 6 hours so I had to turn it off).

Hey could anyone help me out here? I’m kinda stuck with my Ziba Tower remake for Pavlov VR ( a Virtual Reality game).
It’s a pretty big map but its on the Forward Rendering and I don’t want the build time to be too long and the filesize to be too big (its at around 600-700mb atm), a decent no splotshes setting would be good enough.

Currently using 0.7 100 1 1, no edit in the ini

Man… so much info in here. Unfortunatly some of this is outdated i think. Specially with less ppl using a custom baselightmass. What the final consensus with getting aclean render?

is this topic still alive ?

i got rid of all light leaks but still my lightmaps seem blocky is this due to compression ?

NumHemisphereSamples = 128
lightmap res ~ 1300
medium quality


Yes that’s due to compression

Does anyone know why my lightmass builds are failing? It seems to happen quite a bit when scenes get to a certain complexity. When I load sub-levels in individually, they build just fine, but when I combine them, they fail, with no information in the output as to why this might be happening. Should I be looking elsewhere to debug this?

64gb ram, but only 8gb on c:, and UnrealLightmass.exe gets nowhere near 30gb even before it gives up. If we can’t get over this hurdle UE4 is no longer an option for us which would be sad.

How big is your scene? I am working on a 1 living room, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment and a small kitchen. All furnished. Mines loads the lightmaps well and I am using a fliptop laptop with a 940m gpu 2gb vram with 16gb ram. Never had a issue so far. Im keeping my lightmaps at a max of 512 on the larger meshes. Everything else is at 256.

BTW… Static Lighting Scale… what exactly does it improve if you lower it. I keep mines at default.

Also… my scene is scaled to real life. So do i really need to change it?

I’m working on a masterplan with 7 big buildings and surrounding context.

Well here’s an update. I threw a spare 250gb SSD in my machine and assigned the whole thing to virtual memory and it worked.

It depends. The lower values help to get more details in shadows and to smooth shading differences with indirect lighting. But can cause other shading artifacts so it really depends on the final goal. I also feel like the lighting is more vibrant with the lower scaling but it may be subjective.

This link was posted earlier: Practical usage of Lightmass in Architectural Visualization (UE4 Lightmass Deep Dive). Check the pages 84-89 for more details.