Lets Create something!

Hi, names Victor and I’ve been wanting to to get a small group together and make something. Little experience is required but I’d like to know that the other person I’m making a game with can understand development lingo and such. I’d like us to come up with an idea together big or small, do know there is NO PAY its just basically getting together with other creators and messing around but do know i am serious about creating something. also I only speak english so I’d like the other party to as well

add me on Skype: vreviews85

or comment here but skype might be better cause we can talk there and then

there is a picture of a lion as my skype pic. -V

I would love to get in a team to create sth as I have a great idea for a project which I am making atm but I never opened such a thread as my hours because of duties are limited to 1 hour to 3-4 hours max…

Same hear man I’m not looking to crack down on people and have them dedicate there time to me or the project I just wanna have fun with it. Add me on skype if you wanna talk.

Alright mate

We need more people!

Sorry man but im looking to start a small manageable group not join one. hope you succeed on the project though

Hey vreviews -

Got a few questions before I commit to your group.

  1. What is your skill set?
  2. How do you plan on contributing to the project?
  3. Has the project already been decided upon?

Thank you for your time,


Thanks and likewise.

I’m interested. Send me an email so we can talk.