Let static mesh move using keys

Hi at all,

I am trying to let a static mesh in my scene move using keys, let’s say “Z” for up and “H” for down. I defined such an input axis in my Project Settings. Now I made a Blueprint attached to the static mesh in the scene, but it won’t work. The mesh is not moving.

I already found some scripts and tutorials, but they only deal with objects acting with the engine’s physics which I don’t want to use.

Any help is appreciated.


Do you want this static mesh to be your controlled character, or something that your character can control?

Right now, I have a simple Character Controller which is just a camera moving with WASD and I want to control some meshes which are in my scene, letting them move up and down using several keys.

The problem is that you are not in control of the actor, so when you press your keys, only what is inside your character blueprint will be executed.

So how do I get in control of these actors? Should I put those static meshes as components in my character? They should stay at a given position in my scene and NOT move along with the character.

Okay, got it by myself. This does all the magic: