Lerp between 4 Colors

i want to blend between 4 colors based on one value. The Problem is that i can’t find a way to switch the 4 values that define the color in Lerpmultiple node.
Here what i have:

how can i switch the colors? maybe i want to add more colors.

i think it’s less complicated when i use a gradient texture and pick the color via uv. i have a solution for that but it’s still not optimal. i will update this question asap

Hello future starter!

For anyone reading this in the distant future, Lerp_Multiple works via the A input (alpha channel).

0.0 chooses input #1, 0.33 chooses input #2, 0.67 chooses input #3, and 1.0 chooses input #4.

Sorry, what is Lerp_multiple? I couldn’t find anything like this, neither in materials or blueprints.