Lens flare sensitive to highlights on material?

I get a really cool (but also really epilepsy inducing) highlight from a tank model I chucked into the editor.
I didn’t set any lens flare values anywhere - presumably it’s an automatic feature.
The material on the tank model has specular/roughness influenced by the one of the texture’s R G B channels.
I guess the image speaks for itself - imagine it flashing on and off at 40fps.


The mesh, by some unknown master, has on top of it a weird black part that seems to be what the lens flare is pinging out of. I am not sure it’s related …

Deleting the gun on top of the tank cleared out those polys and also the odd lensflare … weird.

Hi Tom,

The black blotches on your mesh and flare are a known issue caused by clustered or bad normals. This has been addressed and will be resolved in a future build. Thank you for your report, if you see anything else behaving unexpectedly, please let us know.



We have these it our build too, it comes down to having an asset with broken normals.