Lenovo mirage solo - how to open installed app?

i download the Daydream VR project from this link, made a build and then i plugged the solo devices to install the projects.

No errors on the install side and i can see the app in the list inside the setting of the Lenovo mirage solo, but i don’t see the app in the library and i can’t open the app in other way.

There are other steps i need to take in order to lunch the app? Can i avoide to use the google play store (since i don’t want to publishing the app?)

Also when i launch the projects directly on the Lenovo headset form the editor i got no error but a black screen on the devices. Any clue why is this happening? I can buil and launch GearVR projects fine on other android phones?

Ok, it fine now. I put “Minimum SDK Versione” and “Target SDK Versione” to 21 instead of 24, like the documentaion on Unreal site suggested.
Also i set the specific hardware to “Daydream 3.3 Dof” and “Daydream 6.3 Dof”
Now it’s working fine from the editor and i can see and lunch the app from the library on the home view of the Headset.

Hi Daniel,
Didi you remove the “cardboard” option in the “specific hardware” section? I’m guessing that only Daydream apps will be listed in the library.

Hi good for you, I did the same like you SDK 21, Daydream 3.3 + 6.3, builded android ASTC apk and installed but I can’t see it in library. I see it in application settings, but I have no idea about running it.

Ok finaly it works. My settings are: Start in VR true, AR false;
android minimum and target SDK 24,
java compiling and apk generation by Ant,
install location: auto;
support armv7;
googlevr configuration daydream dof 3.3 and daydream dof 6.3;
enabled google vr plugin;

Nice, i got armv64 and enable Ggradle checked. I suppose it can works in both ways but some features will be off-limits :slight_smile: