Lego Brick

Hello Dear All,

I`m trying to create lego base plate with popup cylinders on it (i dont need back side). Questions are;

Should i use displacement material or low poly model for vr performance ?

If you suggest displecement mat. i`m getting that weird issue as you can see in the attachment, i need sharp cylinder edges pop up ! Even increasing the tesselation Multipler wont work !


Any idea ?

Can you show the wireframe of the model with tessellation? If you want to be able to bring your lego blocks close to your eyes and have them still look good, you definitely need to stick to geometry details. Not sure tessellation is the right way to go since you have relatively low control over how to behaves and it is computationally expensive. Probably meshes with LOD’s is the way to go.

Thank you Marco i will stick to geometry model…