Legality of Copyright of pictures in official documentation etc. for thesis publication?

I am currently writing a thesis on a gameplay system I built in Unreal Engine 4 and in the thesis contains images taken from UE4’s documentation pages (for example this picture taken from Post Process Materials | Unreal Engine Documentation)

I also have pictures in the thesis that are screenshotted from learning material videos posted on Unreal Engine’s official YouTube channel (for example this video: How to Create Masks With the Custom Stencil Buffer | Tips & Tricks | Unreal Engine - YouTube).

Am I allowed to publish the thesis with these images or do they need to be removed?

Thank you for the quick reply! This makes my life so much easier. I was afraid that I would have to replace half of the pictures in my thesis. Thank you! :slight_smile:

To clarify, I am writing a thesis for my university, which will be published by the university. I assume this falls under “non-commerical” use since the university isn’t charging for the thesis?

Provided your thesis has no commercial objective, this usage is in-line with our Fan Content Policy (Epic Games Fan Content Policy | Rules For Content Creation - Epic Games), which generally permits use of our IP for non-commercial puproses.

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We can’t really provide a definitive answer since we don’t know exactly how the thesis will be used, but we can say that we don’t consider publishing in and of itself to be a commercial use.