Left/Right Strafe Animations

Hello All!

I recently downloaded Mixamo Animation Starter Pack from UE Marketplace and i’m testing it with Adam Character
There are only IDLE - WALK - RUN animations, so i downloaded from mixamo website free left/right strafe walk animations.

What i wish to know:
how can i add this animations to my blendspace?

I want that my character when pressing A or D key just strafe left or right playing the said animation.

I’ve tryed to make a new blendspace with no success.
please help me.

So the quick answer is that you need to use a blend_space. This confused me at first, as I was only used to using the 2-d blend space… which took me from idle->walk->run. But this one does it, in greater than one dimension. i.e strafing etc.

Here is a link to how to do this:
link text

Also this:

is a duplicate.