Ledge Grab and climbing system

Well, I guess this should be posted here as well, since it is a work in progress.

Latest video:

Oldest videos:

You can find more about here: Edge grabbing - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

Wow! Awesome job Alex3D. Can’t wait to see what the finished project is going to look like.

This looks amazing. I’m with Sean here, can’t wait to see you put it to use.

Been keeping an eye on the other thread, great progress. Pretty soon Ezio, Lara Croft and Sam Fisher are going to be jealous.

Vines climbing implemented!

Alex3d, I am in awe of your work with this as it is truly great stuff. Once you work out any bugs/finalize this aspect, have you thought of making a tutorial on how to do this?

I still have some features to implement, and two, maybe three bugs now, to fix. Then I will release this with a tutorial showing how to configure and use it.

Wow dude you have come a long way! Looking really nice.

Very nice work :slight_smile: Will really appreciate a tutorial at some point)

Will you release it or make a tutorial or anything?
Would be REALLY nice of you :smiley:

Just for the people working on stuff like this, its worth watching David Rosen’s GDC talk about animation for character movement which is free on the vault site right now: http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1020583/Animation-Bootcamp-An-Indie-Approach

He talks about the ledge grabbing and wall running solutions he came up with. A very cool talk (and maybe over the summer I’ll play with adding some powered ragdoll stuff intro UE4 if its not already in there). Good stuff.

plz make a tutorial of it

Huxi, check out Alex3d’s other thread in the Blueprint section, here it is: Edge grabbing - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

Just one more last video, showing things working without bugs so far.
And I am also working on a little doc showing how to use my system.

awesome, let them tomb raider clones come :smiley:

I can’t wait to check that out! This has been one of the most impressive work-in-progress threads I’ve seen so far. Fantastic work.

One more vídeo, showing how to install and configure my Ledge Climbing system.

Is it available?

Hey Alex you mentioned your ledge grab thing will be out for purchase, did not see any update related to that



Well, I am doing some last minute work. I had to create a level to release with it. And I am also working on a little doc on the system. And I am also testing for last minute problems.

Anyway, I made this simple level to be released with it:

Just letting you guys know, here as well, that the marketplace submission process started. I am waiting to hear from Epic to finish the process. :slight_smile: