Ledge Grab and climbing system

One more video:

when is this going to market?

I made a submission already, and I am waiting it to get approved.

One more… kkkk

Pole Climbing support.
Almost all animations are done. But all the functionality are not ready yet. :frowning: Getting there. :wink:

Good news! My system went into TRELLO. You can go there and vote now: Trello

And for those that want to buy it before going into Marketplace… Good news! You can buy the system on my site now.

My site is online again!

sorry to be the one to say, but that’s not how you climb a ladder in real life :frowning:

Sorry to be the one to say, but that’s not a real life. :wink: If you don’t like the animation, and buy my system, you can change the animation. :wink:

One more video update:

Looks really nice. Does the animation work with varying widths to climb up? Is there any sort of IK setup to make sure the arms and legs stay near the pole?

On that video, that isn’t IK setup working yet. But I am working on it! In fact, the next update for those that have access to the PRO version, will come with IK hands and Pole climbing.
Also, if anyone wants to make large poles, all they need to do, is to adjust the animation, import into the engine, and it will work nicely.

Shut up and take my money!


Another small video update. IK for hands and feet!

Only this Friday you can buy any version of my Ledge Climbing System with a 25% discount , only on my site. ( I changed domains :wink: )
Coupon code: blackfriday

Is this plugin supported for 4.10. I am interested in buying this plugin. I would like to integrate this into our current Player system. Will you support me in the integration if I purchase this plugin this week?

At the moment it looks like Alex is inactive and no longer supports the plugin. There’ve been a lot of disgruntled customers in this thread: Edge grabbing - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

I also don’t think that it works in 4.10 as he wasn’t even around anymore when UE4.10 released. So yeah, you should probably refrain from buying this. However, if you want to create your own ledge climbing system, a good starting point is Crocopede’s video tutorial series: Ledge Climbing System guide - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums