Ledge Climbing System guide

Hi everyone. I am busy working on a tutorial series covering the creation of a ledge climbing / grabbing system.
Currently on part 3 and hoping to wrap it up with part 4. But it might extend to part 5.

I am trying to keep one session below 30 minutes but cannot always manage that.

Please have a look and give any critique on how i can improve the videos and or sessions.
Thank you.


Thanks a lot! This is really useful

This tutorial was spot on for my personal needs. I would like to ask how to do a couple of things.

I am looking for more of a witcher 2 control scheme wherein I do not automatically do things but must press an interact button to initiate action.

So how do I make it so my character does not jump whenever the jump button is pressed but rather, when he goes to a location on the map where jumping is allowed (I actually want to completely disable the jump button)? Also, the ledges, How can I make it so the correct action/animation can be played? ie: press “E” to step up (for small ledges), and press “E” to climb hang on Ledge (for tall ledges). press “left” or “right” to shimmy, and “down” to drop and “up” to climb?

I know this is asking a lot, but your tutorial was very clear and I like the way you deliver the tutorial.

Basically I am asking one important question for my control needs, How do I make it so the player must press “e” or xbox controller “x” for any environmental interaction can take place? I will be using this for everything from, collecting plants to jumping to talking.

Thank you so much for any assistance.

On last question,

How do I change the height to how my character grabs the ledge, he appears way higher than he should?


Part 4 has just been released and part 5 will come soon. Part 5 will be the final one in the series.
You can use the same methods we use in the tutorial for your jump requirements. Where we set up the branch or as i call it “check” to see if we should jump or climb and create additional logic to see if the player is allowed to jump. And also expand on those the make the character do different actions for example step over a small fence. This is also true for environment interaction. To make 100% sure your character can only interact with certain objects for example i would get the actor or object it is looking at and then compare it with a list or array to establish what it is and then act accordingly.

The height of the character is controlled in the WallGoToLocation Macro that we created. Please make sure your input on the macro is correct.
I go into more detail on this in Part 4 of the series.

I would recommend you watch part 4 and this should hopefully clarify some things for you as i take more time in part 4 to explain how some of the logic works and why we do certain things.

Part 5 will be the final one touching on the ledge climbing system.

Really nice tutorial style, very clear.

You are correct about the logic:

is identical to:

(Likewise it works the other way: NOT [A] OR NOT ** = NOT [A AND B])

It should work in blueprint just as you described. I find it hard to believe there could be such a fundamental bug at this stage, so might be worth just playing around with it a little more.

Ah thought as much. Perhaps it does work now. I remember it didn’t in 4.3 which was a very long time ago and just resorted to doing a little extra work since then. Glad you like the tutorial.

perfect, thank you for such a timely response, I look forward to completing your excellent tutorials.

Great tutorial, and very informative, a great learning resource for all kinds of things. Cool system you’ve developed there too :slight_smile:

Looking forward to part 5!



this is very nice Tutorial.Thanks a lot!

Hi Everyone. Glad you like it.

I will finish the series tomorrow.
There will be one snag and that is how the animations appear.

Currently there is a bug with the shipped animations that have a 90 degree offset on the X-Axis.
The result is that blending from the skeletal mesh to the UE4 4.8 animations will result in a “dip”

I did not want to compensate for this issue by creating animations that cannot be reused with other assets so you will notice sharp transitions. I tried to match up the animation end as close as possible to Epics animations and we will then set blend out to 0. I will explain this more in the next video.
This set me back a day as only after troubleshooting the annoying dip did i realize the shipped 4.8 animations are “corrupt”.

Will post here again once the video and animations are complete.

Really great and helpful tutorial series! Please continue with it!

Always a pleasure.

The final video has been released and the 4 animations are downloadable from my website.
Hope you all found this informative. It was fun making this series and i’m busy planning my next tutorial series.


Hi. I made the final blueprint available for download from dropbox
Link is available in released projects thread

thank you very much for your work

Hi , I need help , I just like this in the tutorial video 1 and 2 but my character does not rise . Already revised several times and I not find the error. I use Mixamo eskeleton . Would you help me ?? Here is one video of my problem . Dropbox - Error - Simplify your life

Wonderful series! Cheers!


Looks like there is no root motion on your animation. Can you confirm that your animation does have root motion?
If it does have root motion check that you are playing an Animation Montage and that root motion is enabled in the animation sequence and also check that your movement state is flying.

You were right, my animation was wrong , I corrected it and now is working perfectly , sorry for my ignorance , I am beginner. I want to thank the help and patience with me I’m happy. Thank you thank you.
Here is a video , now functions correctly , thank you.

Awesome man. Glad its working now.

Hi , how do I get my character rise more slowly, it rises very fast . I have to move on animation or any other way to do this ??