Leaves on trees

Hi, I would like to create my own trees with Quixel library. I will use surfaces and leaves from Quixel for realistic materials. BUT… How should I import the tree’s leaves? As separate mesh and combine it in blueprint? Or together as one mesh? And if so then how can I use 2 textures for 1 mesh.

How are you dealing with trees so that you can use them as foliage?

Have you seen speedtree? I think, make it there, then change the materials afterwards maybe…


Yes, I have. But I would like to create them by my self. I tried it in Blender but the performance was horrible (and I have LOD and just 8000 triangles). After I downloaded some “test” trees which have over 50000 triangles I got 10 times more FPS. I thought it was due to overdraw, but when I looked at visualization it says just 2 overdraw per pixel at max.

That is why I would like to know how to create these optimized trees

I don’t know if I understand correctly now.
I have a tree with some branches that are big and on then I attach planes with a texture of leaves/needles on a smaller branch so that I don’t have to render mesh for the little branches.
Also, my mesh is divided into 2 parts with own material (big branches and leaves).

So you’re aware that a group of branches with leaves composes one mesh part in a typical tree?

Yes, right ( was just checking you weren’t trying to make individual leaves… :slight_smile: )

With ST you are making you’re own tree. The system is optimized to make trees…

Ok, thanks. And do I understand correctly that it is free for UE4 if I am not publishing? I have to get the subscriprition when I want to publish a game?

I see a lot of blender tree tutorials:

Better one:

You’d need to check that with them…

Ok thank you very much for help