Leaves not rendering on trees

Hi All,

Have just placed a tree I was working on into UE4.5 and the trunk and branches render however the leaves do not. It is a double sided material as well as double sided mesh ticked in the static mesh editor. This was working fine until now. I"ve taken a screenshot to show you the tree in the engine and the static mesh editor showing wire frame that clearly shows the mesh for the leaves. Any ideas?


You should probably post this in the rendering forum or on answerhub. Also provide a little more info such as how the tree was made such as with speedtree or some other program.

The only thing that could be is that you have connected something wrong to the opacity or opacity mask link in the leave material :slight_smile:

I was experimenting with LPV and the new DF shadows and my sample SpeedTree lost its leaves too. I didnt pay much attention to it, I thought it was because the engine was generating distance fields. I had setup too high a resolution, and I had not enough patience to wait for it to finish, so I stopped it and deleted the project.

Maybe thats a hint why your leaves are gone.

Else its a hint that something in 4.5 is broken.

Hey Guys…nope the opacity is set correctly. It’s a master shader with an instance so just swap out the textures. I even connected a new shader up to it, no luck. It’s a Speedtree tree of course. I have tried a non Speedtree tree and same deal on the foliage. However Mikand79 has a point. I was messing around with LPV at the time and I don’t think I switched it off so possibly could have been that!!!