Leaves look horribly green

Can you show the texture and material?

A fix would be to back off the saturation in the albedo texture.

why my tree leaves are horribly green instead of natural dark green. Tree is from speedtree 8 and it was fine in the ST8 but in ue4 it looks very bad. can anybody help?

Here is the material(basic speedtree mat) and the albedo

this happens without subsurf.

figured it out. now visual effects. how to make it better?

Considering how “sunny” your level is I think it looks appropriate.

Worse, eh? )

The only other thing I can see, is maybe set those texture params back to their default ( the ones with the yellow ticks ).

I think it does look normal in your first pic, but not the extra green parts…

What was the problem?..

subsurface texture was the main problem. i used the albedo as subsurface and done some changes in the albedo texture. that fixed the problem.

Ah - told ya!.. :wink:

Ok, first thing I’d try is disconnecting that subsurfacecolor. Where does that get you?..

Thank you