So , I am following this tutorial
I have a newer version of UE4, so when I click on the lamp and try to modify the pointlight rendering properties( or any properties for that matter )
they are greyed out. what gives?

The video is a little out of date since that was made with an earlier version of the editor. Some things have changed since then with 4.7 and onward.

When you select the Blueprint for the ceiling lamp with the light you don’t need to select the point light itself otherwise you will not be able to select the options to adjust.

Instead select the top option that says "Blueprint_CeilingLight(self). This will allow you to edit basic parameters that have been setup via the construction script to be selected in the Details Panel.

If you need to adjust any of the other parameters you’ll need to open the Blueprint. Once the window opens you’ll need to select the light then you can adjust the properties here.

I hope this helps.

thank you, will give that a go