Learning Terrain


Yesterday i spent about an hour trying to see the capabilities of terrain and if i could work with it.
I think for the time spent i like it.

But this week once im done publishing stuffs im going to spend time on learning and pushing terrain as ive never worked with it previously.
This was the result of yesterdays experiment


looking good man.I like the tree placement. Keep us updated.

ok work day is done so i can play a little.
Basicly at the moment i am experimenting with ways to texture terrain.
Initially i used some overlay layers but that was a failure.

What i want to achieve is a terrain that looks great from big distances. But also from close up.
To achieve this i need an overall good base of the terrain and then close range i need high detailed materials.

So upclose you can see the details of the textures. And from great distances you still have a nice feel of the terrain.
Will update once i get a better feel. Messed up my one layer and there is too much black in it.


wow, looking good.

Good job. Apply some erosion either with WM2 or using UE4 erosion tool.

Hmm. trying to find a easy n quick way to do some erosions where they should occur. This area is one of my favorites to go hike.
Im also having some trouble lining up the overlay 100%
I think its because UE4 starts disgarding information after a while considering i need to set my UV tiling value to 0.00046125461 and it doesnt appear to be very happy with that.

As a workaround im now painting out all rivers and obvious darker areas where transitions are prominent

Ok. World machine worked pretty well for getting a bit more detail out in the terrain without destroying the smooth rolling hill / Breaks of rock here and there. Also i found a better way to do my overlay texture to create some variation on great distances.
Next i want to play around with the procedural painting stuff and see how that improves the terrain look. Right now i just hand painted the variations in rock and grass.


Looks like New Zealand! :smiley:

Looks very natural

Thank you. Aiming for a natural look :stuck_out_tongue:

I made one rock. And reused that same rock all over.
Im planning on making roughly 5 boulders, some smaller rocks, 2 cliff face decoration rock formations, Some plants and some trees.

Once done i will see if there is interest to get it on the marketplace for the cheap price of $10 all inclusive.


Should have been in bed by now but was too tempted to make 2 grass variations for the landscape :frowning:


Some Cape Violets and Black Ferns


Very nice, did you make the grass textures your self or are they from else where.

Making everything myself.
I hike often so i photograph plants when i get a chance. The area is actually inspired by my favorite backpacking location in Swaziland.

Still need to work on the materials a bit. Currently there is no roughness map or / spec or normal.
Not sure if i want to use a normal. Considering the assets will be aimed at lower end systems. So optimization is a big factor for me.
Made a shrub thingy. Not sure what it is but i like it.


some ground cover stuffs.

Gonna try my hand at making some acacias next. Bit bored of ground plats for moment as you can see the rushed job on this one


Hey, just wondering how are you achieving such a nice natural effect on the terrain texture, are you using a texture from world machine and if so how are you getting the high quality detail up close. sorry for all the question landscape is a bit of a blind spot for me at the moment.

Are you using Blender? If yes, check out

I was about to ask the same. What software are you using? Amazing work on the foliage :slight_smile:

The terrain texture is done by combining an overlay texture with the normal landscape materials.
I am using a grey version of it.


Because the colored version messes with the other materials.
Its pretty massive. 8192x8192.

You then just Blend_Overlay it over your normal terrain landscape materials

I still want to take the terrain step further by looking what Epic did in their material. Seems it has the ability to do some pretty awesome stuff.

Foliage was done using max and photoshop.
My 1st attempt at a tree came out pretty terrible. So just experimenting with ways to make it look good while maintaining little overdraw and low polycounts.

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile: Do you use curves in Max for the foliage?