Learning Templates [Blueprint Power]

These are really useful to look at the blueprints for things, though I’m still lost on how some of it comes together like missing pieces I’m not sure of, if you ever did a video of the whole process from start to finish it would be amazing.

Sorry, it’s not in the planning at the moment ,but i made a lot of efforts to organize graphs and make it easy to read

Neither of the two links for the top down racing game are working for me. The first continuously redirects while the second simply returns a “This webpage is not available” error.

Just checked ,all the links are working
Maybe try and other browser

That’s odd. It’s working for me now. Huh. Anyway, thanks for putting these together and for the quick response!

4 New Templates next week , here is a quick preview

4 new templates?? Wow! You’re a machine Mhousse!

just blueprints make everything easier

wow this is great! thanks you!

Updated : Added PacMac & Snake Templates

sorry , pacman link fixed

Very helpful. Thank you.

your templates are an invaluable resource

just starting to look more into blueprints and this gonna help me to learn thing or two for sure

thanks for sharing…

glad to help

Thanks MHouse, these are really inspiring templates. What is the intention for the templates? Learning tools? For fun? Commercial use? Do you have license info available? Whatever it is - thanks of much for posting. We can learn a ton from them.

Awesome stuff! Keep them coming.

Exactly what i need, converted your AI example what appears to be successfully to 4.7.2

Thank You!

The basic Enemy has default values “Waypoints assigned”
I removed the Eyetrace and Patrol function, Trace is better done with Pawnsensing (build in AI module) and Patrol wasn’t really working for me.

Anyone can use them as he wish , no obligation , but a special thanks is welcome

Dude you rock!!!