Learning Templates [Blueprint Power]

Hi Unreal Community :slight_smile:
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One Word , Enjoy ! Update 18 : 10/15/2017

Blob Physics Template


Update 17 : 04/20/2017[SIZE=28px] (NEW)** [/SIZE]**
For new updates check out my website


**Update 16 : 07/28/2016 **
Go Kart Physics Template


**Update 15 : 07/19/2016 **
Previous templates updated to 4.12.5
**Update 14 : 11/20/2015 **
Previous templates updated to 4.10
**Update 13 : 10/23/2015 **
A Long Whale Trip (MegaJam Entry)


**Update 12 : 10/20/2015 **
Projectile Trajectory Project


**Update 11 : 09/08/2015 **
Dice Game Template


**Update 10 : 09/06/2015 **
Previous templates updated to 4.9
**Update 9 : 06/30/2015 **
Sokoban Template

**Update 8 : 06/23/2015 **
First/Third Person Template


**Update 7 : 06/20/2015 **
Alien Invaders Template


**Update 6 : 04/16/2015 **
[CENTER]Asteroids Template


**Update 5 : 03/30/2015 **

Pong : Physics Based


**Update 4 : 03/24/2015 **

Top/Down FPS Template


**Update 3 : 03/23/2015 **

**Update 2 : 03/08/2015 **

**Update 1 : 02/26/2015 **



AWESOME! I’ll check these out later in-engine and if I can find some spare time I might create a few templates myself to donate to the community as well :slight_smile:

Dude this is awesome! The top-down 2d racer reminds me of games like RC PRO-AM that I played as a kid. :slight_smile:

Cool stuff!

Youhou ! GG ! And a big thank you :wink:

Wow man, that really really awesome of you!


Thank you Tim :slight_smile: Will let you guess the next template ,one is missing , but which one?

It’s Just the beginning ,more more coming


This is really cool! Thanks :smiley:

It would be nice to see an isometric template using the 3rd person template :slight_smile:

it’s in coming next list , trying to finish my coming soon list now.

How do I keep the car from sliding all over the place in the top-down 2D racing game? I tried to edit the physics material but it didn’t work.

I essentially used the physics material to get smoother collision between cars and obstacles.
There is many ways to cancel the sliding effect , here is 2 :
-A simple way:
Instead of using torque to rotate the car , try to rotate the car around z axis
-An advanced way:
Add an opposite force of car’s right vector proportional to its velocity

Which part of the car’s blueprint or other blueprint do I need to edit to fix the sliding problem?

Very nice! I’m loving it , keep it up! :cool:

Thanks Peter
Maybe you will love this upcoming one more:D


These are really cool! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Would you ever consider an astroids clone? Seems like you’ve nailed nearly every retro genre. Keep it up!

yeah , it’s coming soon

Updated : reported issues fixed (thanks)

I hate to be a dummy, but I’m REALLY trying to slog through learning this stuff, so please forgive my dimness. How do you use your template? I’ve put it in the same folder as the built in ones, and it’s still not showing up for import - I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong.

I’m using the latest version on the launcher (I think it was 4.7.1), if that matters, on Win7.

Thank you! These look great!

Just extract the project anywhere and double click on “.uproject” file , and it will open automatically

Oh. Wow. I am dense. THANK YOU!!! :slight_smile: