[LEARNING RESOURCES] Please document texture compression settings and corresponding shaders

There are various compression settings (Masks, VectorDisplacementMap, HDR, etc…) and choosing these seem to have an impact on the shader type we can use in texture sampler (Linear Color, Masks etc.). Nothing of this is documented so we are doing guess work. Please document these area.

There is information, but unfortunately you have to dig for it, and sometimes watch a livestream or tutorial to get an answer. I had performance problems with exporting the bit depth here around 2 months ago. It was causing lighting, and brightness issues for me on mobile, and I didn’t even look in that direction. Like a month later I seen a topic on 32 bit depth brightness struggles. Eported my texture as 16bit, and everything was nice.

Very valid point. I have put in a Jira request to get this addressed.

Thanks Sam!

Has the Jira request been fulfilled? Is there documentation on these texture compression settings now?