[LEARNING RESOURCE] Ongoing Blueprint Gameplay Example Series: Making a Survival Game


For quite a while I thought about making some Unreal Engine tutorials about the various aspects of game development and how to work with the engine.
All in all, those tutorials would have been pretty isolated showcases that may still leave some questions open on how to recreate it in a different environment than the tutorial.
So I decided to make a tutorial about making a (complete) game.

Similar to Tom Looman’s C++ survival game series, this series will however use Blueprints instead of C++ code.
This way the tutorial is also beneficial to non-coders and those who want to pick up how the engine works from a beginner level.

Also, there will be no premade assets that are used, except for the 3rd person character Blueprint that comes with the engine template.
That means I am going to create all 2D and 3D assets in these tutorials, using various programs like photoshop and 3d modeling software.
Consequentially, the tutorial will not be a “3 videos and we have a game” expierience, so patience is definitely a virtue here.

Here is the link for the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQEl…CHrSOJpit49gGr
Each video description has a detailed list of covered items.

I will announce the latest entry here by updating this post:

Episode 15 has just been added to the playlist. | 16.02.2018

Any comments are welcome and constructive criticism is appreciated. :slight_smile:
Either leave a comment in the video comment section or add to this thread.

I hope you find this useful :slight_smile:


I think you could start a series on how to use modo/mori with ue4 to go along with this.

Thats the intention :smiley: UE4 … and beyond

Sounds cool, Klaus - cheers!

At the end of the tutorial series, any plans to release the project as a Download? :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Probably :slight_smile:
on the other hand you can just watch and copy… its then just like typing off pages of listing from a C64 magazine :stuck_out_tongue: