Learning path for EOS in a VR app?

Hello all,

Hoping to receive some guidance on learning multiplayer for a project that I’m working on. Will describe the project and the direction we want to go in and then the problem I’m facing.

We are developing an app in UE4.26 to host business-style meetings in VR.
Target deployment platforms are Oculus (not quest yet) and SteamVR.
Plugins used are the Advanced Framework and EOSCore. We have a basic p2p multiplayer implemented with the example blueprints from the Advanced Framework and EOSCore plugins. Leaderboards and achievements etc are not necessary for now, we just need voice chat functionality and maybe a lobby system.

So my first time even touching multiplayer dev was this week and to be honest it’s been pretty rough so far. There are at least some resources on learning networking gameplay code like what and what not to replicate etc but in terms of learning the EOS API it’s been excruciating. Let me provide an example.

I’ve been trying to implement a simple mute function, first for self and then for others. I found this page in the EOS documentation that describes what the function does but not how to use it. I have no clue what the inputs are that it wants (Target, Handle, Local User Id, Room Name) and what to do with the Callback pin (I have never encountered the concept of a Callback in C++ until yesterday). I’ve gotten this far (screenshot) with the help of the EOSCore dev from their discord but I simply do not understand what any of this means, and the problem is I can’t find anywhere online to explain it. (This code is on the Pawn - not even sure this is the right place for it.)

I think what I’m missing is an understanding of EOS from a more theoretical perspective - all I know so far is it is made up of various interfaces for each aspect of multiplayer but beyond that I’m lost at sea.

So, the question is - how to learn this stuff? Where? Any links, resources, or explanation at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading this far.