Learning Partner Wanted (focus on c++) - Free/Unpaid


im Erik, 25 years old and i am looking for a partner who wants to learn c++ coding, just like me. We can help each other and push our motivation :slight_smile:

I already know most of unreals basics and the foundations of c++ coding.

greetings from germany


Hi Erik,

I am German speaking but currently I live in the US, 7 hours later than your time, not sure if that is helpful :thinking:
I am also a beginner, I mostly do C++ in Unreal. I have limited time, mostly only evenings and mornings because I have a full time job. Would you want to start similar projects and then help each other out? Or do one project and collaborate via Github (I am not a GitHub expert but can learn it)?

Best regards, Peter

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still searching :slight_smile: