Learning Module: 3D Map Navigation in Virtual Reality -> No Motion Controllers (VIVE)

I started the 3D Map Navigation VR learning module and everything was going smoothly until “Developing the VR Player Pawn Part 2: Adaptable Input” section. I’m using V 4.26 and the tutorial was made using v 4.24 (iirc).

I can’t seem to get the my Vive controllers to appear. In the module you make a BP_VRHand actor that contains a motion controller component, in the video the Occulus system is automatically detected visualization handles the inclusion of the static mesh (Motion controller → details → Visualization) but my Vive is not detected. Earlier I was unable to select the Vive’s motion controller input keys from unless I promoted the key to a variable (this is something I’ve had to do in the past for getting mic input).

Is there anyway to get this to work? I spent several hours on this tutorial and I am not looking forward to having to download and old version and start from the beginning as I am working primarily in V 4.26 .

You can set the Visualization to “custom” and manually set the mesh to a Vive controller. You can find that mesh if you set “Engine Content” to “View”, and search for “Vive”.

I was able to add the Vive mesh but the system doesn’t appear to recognize the controllers. I was able to do a tutorial that used the Vive system and UE 4.19 so I presume there might be some disconnect between features that work for the occulus and features that work for the Vive.

Have you tried adding a Static Mesh Component as a child to the Motion Controller Component? I know that the Motion Controllers are working in 4.26 for Vive, but perhaps there’s a reason why the visualization doesn’t