Learning how to create multiplayer games using Blueprints

I’m trying to learn how to create multiplayer games but every time I try I always get stuck with problems that I can’t fix and don’t understand. I’ve attempted many projects but always end up giving up because I get stuck not knowing what to do. So I’ve decided that I should learn everything about creating multiplayer games and then go from there. Does anyone have any suggestions from where to start? Videos, example projects, tutorials, classes? I’ve looked at the multiplayer game the ue4 team has created but I’m still confused. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks! I’ll take a look at it

This is one of Unreals own tutorials.
Its from version 4.11 but still works for 4.19 (I actually followed this very tutorial this week and works in my game)

It covers everything from Menu to character selection, to switching levels, connecting through Steam, kicking players, finding servers etc.

Its a start

P.S. The video where he discusses changing levels on Steam in multiplayer is slightly outdated since you have to manually activate the Steam plugin nowadays

Hope that gets you somewhere.