Learn how to make a fighting game in unreal 4

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Greetings, Unreal fans.

My name is , and I am a recent employee of Epic Games. I was hired on as Developer Relations Technical Artist, which largely means I travel around from game studio to game studio, demoing Unreal 4 and solving any issues folks come across during the course of development.

In order to be super effective at this job, I need to know just about everything there is to know about the engine. Thing is, up until this point in my career, I have not had opportunity to use Unreal in a professional game development context.

What better way to learn how to make a game with Unreal, than to make a game with Unreal?

Upon arriving at Epic, it was suggested that I pick something I was interested in and then start building it. Now, I’ve been out of the fighting game scene for quite some time, but I have long maintained massive appreciation for the genre and community. I have decided that in order to educate myself in the ways of Unreal 4 game development, I am going to start putting together a fighting game frame work.

This seems like something the Unreal dev community might be interested in, and thus here I am. I invite you to come along and help me learn how to make a fighting game in Unreal.

More info here: Unreal Fighting Game Reveal.

Man…Honestly I envy you :o. A job at Epic is my dream (even if its janitor). By the way, Congrats on your new job. :slight_smile:

And we will be here to support you on your new journey. Welcome Aboard. :smiley:

Nice one! Whats your background exactly? Are you more of an artist or a programmer? Will the project be C++?

Should be entertaining - when I examined UE4 for an animation-driven game (not a fighter, but required similar animation requirements), I found the animation system to be sorely lacking, though back then even root motion wasn’t working properly, which is no longer the case. It’ll be curious to see how you get around UE4’s animation setup :wink:

bookmarked , never was into fighting games but you can learn a lot from different genre’s


I come from the art side of game development and the project will be built via Blueprint.

This is very interesting and potentially helpful for me since my team/company is actually working on a fighting game using UE4 for PC/XboxOne/PS4. Very interested in to see were this goes.

What type of fighting game?

Is that to me or the OP?

this would be nice, i am looking to make one to

I’m up for it

I’m up for helping as a programer

When you say fighting game you mean something like mortal kombat, street fighter, tekken etc.? in that case I’m super interested!.. however a game like this is pretty much all about the animations so I’m guessing a good animator is what is needed here the most.

Sounds like a great idea! Are you using the Templates or just starting from scratch? What flavor of Fighting game are you going for? Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, Time Killers?

I am going for an old school feel: a 2D movement and collision system with 3D environments and characters.

Starting from scratch. We’ll use the Character Controller to get started and then override functionality and add on as we go.

I’ll be laying out my initial thoughts on size and scope shortly. Thanks for all of the enthusiasm!

This sounds great. I’ve been getting into BlazBlue lately as we have a pro player here at my work.

The input has to be really fast and precise. It should also support arcade joysticks.

I;m a beginner level designer and would love to get some more experiencing in level designing so i can help there if you need :D.

True, though I’d argue that fighting games(from a development angle) are all about performance, if a light punch is supposed to take 3 frames, it’s utterly important that on a system of the minimum specs, that it perform in 3 frames…every single time, no exceptions.

Being a single frame off on anything basically makes the game unplayable in a competitive environment(example: evolution, world championships, switched to 360s because in certain situations, the PS3 would be off by a single frame).

I don’t really have a lot of time to contribute right now, but this is something I’m very interested in. I’ve been involved in the competitive fighting game scene for nearly 17 years and can offer any input(or potentially get the devs in contact with people) that’s requested.

I am an animator and I am learning to use UE4. If I can help, let me know.

Sounds . I’m doing the same thing with my game. I started with a template and am adding/modding from there. I’ve always added a bunch of stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing more!