[Leapmotion] How to attach a vector field to the hands

Hello there,

I am an amateur hobbyist for UE4. I am building a small sense of Leapmotion and the Vive.
I am trying to attach two different vector fields to the left and right hand of the LeapRiggedCharacter then use these inputted hand to stir a bunch of particles which was floating in the middle air.
But I have some problems to attach the VFs to the hands. I tried to add a VF component to the hand object in the blueprint or to drag the VF to the hand object in the world outliner. However, they are not working at all.
I am totally new to the blueprint system and have no clue to solve that problem.
Is there any way to do that? I am really looking forward your guys’ genius idea!

:DThank you all!

Keep waiting~

What have you tried, can you share a Blueprint and maybe we can help from there,…

I would really like to see a solution to this . I want to attach it to an object and in a way to clean particles from an object that is emmiting them on it’s surface