Leap motion in UE4.10 - alex, where are we on the official plugin?

I know you guys were suggesting that we use getnamo’s integration, but I figured you must have made some progress for 4.10.

I’ve not found any information or updates on your part via Unreal Engine 4.10’s recent release. Any word?

Answered on Reddit, but I figured that others on this forum might be curious. We hit the Actor transform problem in UE4.9 shortly before the 3D Jam started, so we decided to set a clear direction by strongly recommending getnamo’s plugin. Since then our team has been tied down by some major internal projects, so we haven’t had a chance to revisit the official plugin in a substantive way. Right now, we’re actually looking for an amazing applications engineer to join our team to help with Unreal (and Unity) development.

Thanks for reply. Ya i’ve been using getnamo’s plugin - works all right. Difficult to say whether the not-so-great performance is due to issues with an unofficial plugin, or subpar lighting conditions, or limitations of the device. I do wish I could at least isolate the unofficial plugin variable though.

I’ll direct my questions to getnamo for the future in that case. Hope your team makes progress on UE integration soon.