Leap Motion Controller not complied for 4.11


I installed 4.11 update and I am now unable to open any files or create any files because I am being told that the Leap Motion Controller is not updated and needs to be complied for this version. At first I did not know what this Leap Motion was so I researched it and found out what it was and realized that I do not need it. It will not let me disable it and I have tried to uninstall 4.11 and reinstall it and I have verified 4.11 with no success. Can someone help me out please?

Thats strange. I have’nt got a official build installed at the moment to check against but if you dont need it you can always delete the plugin folder from your engine install. It should be located in engine/plugins/runtime/. Or you can back up your .uproject file and open it up with notepad to disable the plugin by setting ‘enabled’ under the plugin name to false.

Maybe @getnamo or someone elese can have a look at whats going on.

@Opamp77 has the correct answer, just deleting that plugin inside the engine/plugins/runtime should work.

That said, on what platform are you getting this issue?